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Canistel is a fruit native to southern Mexico and cultivated in the Americas, Asia, and Africa. It’s commonly known also as eggfruit, because of its flesh that is bright egg yolk-yellow colour and when ripe, is smooth and custardy, similar to a hard-boiled yolk.

Canistel also works great in custards, ice cream, spreads, pie fillings, and baked into bread, cakes, and pancakes. Or try it simply blended in with some almond milk, oat milk, or regular old milk for a satisfying smoothie. Lime and honey pair well with the soft notes of canistel, so add a touch according to your taste.

Canistel has a unique, sweet flavor not well known outside of the Caribbean area, though it has also been introduced to the Philippines from Cuba by Spaniards between 1912 and 1915. It is sometimes known as the forgotten fruit, because it is given little importance in Cuba.

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