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  • Golden dragon fruit
  • Golden dragon fruit
  • Golden dragon fruit
  • Golden dragon fruit
  • Golden dragon fruit

Golden Dragon Fruit

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Sweet, juicy and taste like candy! This fruit is unlike any other fruit on planet earth!  If you have a sweet tooth, this is the fruit for you! The taste is truly out of this world! The best way for us to describe it is…. pure magic!

The seeds contain a high amount of fiber and this is one of the absolute best fruits to eat regularly if you are constipated or have an excess of gas or bloating. Yellow Dragon Fruit also has a significantly high amount of Vitamin C. The edible seeds are antifungal and antibacterial, and promote a healthy gut, strengthen your immune system and boost low iron levels, among many other health benefits. 

How To Know When Golden Dragon Fruit Are Ripe: 

Yellow dragon fruit is ripe when they have some give to them and the points turn from green to yellow.  When ripe the outer skin should be bright yellow and even-colored. Once ripe, refrigerate in the crisper drawer to keep fresh up to three or four days.

How To Eat Yellow Dragon Fruit: 

We like to cut it in half in the middle (avoiding the hard green top where the fruit was connected to the cactus) Enjoy on its own as this fruit digests extremely fast and should not be combined with any other fruit. It is best to not eat yellow dragon fruit as a mono meal, since eating too much will digest quickly and you may need to take a few extra bathroom breaks afterwards! We recommend enjoying 1-2 yellow dragon fruits at one time for best results! : )

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