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Rambutans are in the lychee and longan family. They are extremely hydrating and great if you do not like very sweet fruits. Unlike Lychees, Rambutan have a more mild taste and are one of our favorite things to snack on throughout the day! 

Rambutans are filled with vitamin C, which prevents cells from being damaged by free radicals. They also help in the absorption of iron in the body. Rombutans contain copper, which is super important for the creation of white and red blood cells. They contain manganese as well, which is required to produce and activate enzymes.

Since rambutans are a good source of iron, they are especially recommended for women. The iron they provide increases the correct amount of oxygen inside the body. This in turn helps ease symptoms of dizziness and lethargy caused by a lack of iron or anemia.

Also containing phosphorus, eating rambutan will help remove unwanted waste from your kidneys. They play an important role in the development, repair, rejuvenation and maintenance of tissues and body cells. Another benefit of Rambutan is the very high calcium levels which promote healthy, strong bones and teeth.

If you want to get rid of intestinal parasites and diarrhea, this is one of the best fruits to eat! Another option for removing parasites is to consume papaya seeds, though the taste is extremely strong (think: black pepper!)

How To Know When Rambutan Are Ripe: 

Rambutans are ripe when the hair-like “spines” turn from green to black, the fruit remains good for at least a few days after ripening. We recommend once ripe, place your Rombutan into the fridge for a few hours to chill. 

How To Eat Rambutan:

Simply break the skin in the middle of the fruit with your nail and crack open. Please be aware there is a seed in the middle of the fruit and this seed should not be consumed

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