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Lychees are some of the sweetest and juiciest fruits on the planet! They are amazing for hydration, especially after exercise or in the summertime! We LOVE to eat lychees as a snack or for a meal! They are especially satisfying after an intense workout since they help to replace and restore our electrolyte balance! Lychees are PACKED with Vitamin C, which is super important to staying healthy. Vit C stimulates the activity of white blood cells that defend the body against foreign materials. Lychee is full of essential nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese and copper. These minerals are known to increase calcium absorption in the bones, thereby making them strong and healthy. Lychees are known to work wonders for circulation, as well as hair, skin and nail growth! 

They are loaded with dietary fiber and rich in flavanol, known to treat inflammation and tissue damage caused by inflammation.

The proanthocyanidins present in lychees are known to have strong antiviral capabilities. Lycheetannin A2, a component of lychee, may help in preventing the spread of viruses. 

How To Know When Lychees Are Ripe: 

Lychees are harvested when ripe and will arrive ready to eat! We do however recommend placing your lychees in the refrigerator for a few hours before consuming. Like most fruits, they are even better when chilled!

How To Eat Lychees:

Simply peel the skin with your nail and pop the inside into your mouth! Please be aware that there is a seed inside that can not be consumed. 

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